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Relevant Articles & Links: Michael Bryant

May 31, 2010

I will do my best to keep updating this post with relevant articles/links

June 3rd-2010

This is Justice? :     A legal perspective on the Michael Bryant case from lawyer, and advocate for the rights of cyclists, Bob Mionske.  A must read!

June 1st-2010

Charges Unfairly Pursued:    A CBC article on Lori Ann LaForge who says her case is similar to that of Michael Bryant, but the Crown is proceeding with charges against her.


Ontario Crown – Executive Summary – May 25, 2010:    Originally obtained by the Toronto Star, Special Prosecutor Richard Peck’s Executive Summary outlining the Crown’s determination that there was no reasonable grounds for conviction of Michael Bryant on the charges of criminal negligence causing death and dangerous driving causing death.


The Peck Brief – Advocate for the Defense Pt 1:    A critical review of the Executive Summary above from the author of Bryant Watch


Sometimes the Dragon Wins:    A unique analysis of the ‘findings’ of Richard Peck from the author of The Legion of Decency


Blood on Bloor Podcast – Michael Bryant, Privilege, and Murder (.MP3):    Podcast in response to the charges withdrawn uploaded by The Parkdale Revolutionary Orchestra Website


Surveillance Footage of the Incident:    Make sure to check all of the unedited as well as enhanced video compiled by honestedit on his/her youtube profile

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